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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

MusicaHoyquiero hablar de MUSICA. Fianlmente, he escuchardo musicas a traves de la pagina de Yahoo recientemente. Asi es que si te gusta, escucha las cansiones o ver sus videos.


Esta pagina nos ofrece el servicio gratuito (tambien hay la parte NO gratuita!).Que clase de Musica te gusta (mas)?Y por que?A mi, me gusta "R&B(Rhythm and Bruce)" mas que otras clases de musica, ya que me cae muy bien y creo que es super-chivisimo! Siempre se cambia lo que me gusta, dependiendo de mi estado, mi modo, mi edad (Si! Me gustaba ROCK, por ejemplo, Bon Jovi cuando era nino...), mis amigos (Si! Uno de mis amigos siempre me prestaba los CDs de Rock de E.U.) y etc.Musica siempre me hace relajado, refrescado y sentir muy bien.

Por supuesto que yo canto si conozco las letras. Yo se que no puedo cantar como los profesionales, pero me gusta cantar. Por ejemplo ahora puedo cantar algunas cansiones de SIN BANDERAS porque, primero me gustan, segundo son despacios (AMOR REAL, ENTRA EN MI VIDA, KILOMETROS...). Francamente, no puedo cantar las cansiones en Espanol debido a falta de oportunidad de cantarlas. En Japones y Ingles, tengo muchas mas cansiones que puedo cantar. Otro dia, te cantare si quieres (!) que yo cante. Creo que, en cuanto al ARTE, es muy importante satisfacer a su mismo, verdad? Es decir, ARTE (que Yo hago) es AUTO-SATISFACCION para mi!!! NADA MAS!Pero ahora, como yo dije, me ENCANTA R&B puramente!!! Me encanta el ritmo, la suavedad y el TODO! Quiza estoy enamorado de esta musica!!! Las cansiones favoritas son los siguientes:

Usher: Burn
Amerie: 1 thing
Mariah Caray: It's like that
Jeniffer Lopez: Get Right
P.Diddy: I'll be missing you
Lyfe Jennings: Must be nice
Nelly: Dilemma (Featuring Kelly Rowland)

Mary J. Blige: Rainy Dayz
Mario: Let me love...

Hasta ahora, asi son, pero hasta ahora, me entiendes? Quien sabe lo que me gusta manana???

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

I went to see this movie a couple days ago, and ... yes it's good, I mean, it's different from the one I thought. I was thinking that it's just a romantic one cuz these three famous actors and actresses, but this story has not only a that romantic part but something meaningful about "DANCE". I don't not exactly what it is, maybe "DANCE is not a exercise but a part of our lives. People live for DANCE".What kind of meaning does DANCE have for you?

Actually, after seeing this movie, I wanted to long to dance without exception. To be honest, every time I see movies, they make me involved in totally within 24 hours after seeing'em. So now I think I wanna learn to dance, but very hardly. Maybe when I have time, probablely after goin' back to my country or a little bit later... maybe I'll learn TANGO, SALSA, CUMBIA y MERENGUE (Do you think I want too much? But I'm very interested in all of them!!!).Finally, I gotta talk 'bout Jenny (of course, Jennifer Lopez!). She's... beautiful, I mean, to be honest with you I'd neither thought of it nor been interested in her.

But she's got a big and special presence.Anyway now I'm a her fan!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

OTRA VEZ!!!Es increible! Otra vez, senti mal este dia despues de tener la infeccion del estomago hace una semana. Esta vez, me imagino que, primero, el dia anterior en la noche me acoste tarde ( a las 2 de la manana!). Segundo, estuve en el carro para visitar a la comunidad donde trabajaba y esta a 2 horas en ida, o sea que 4 horas en total. Creo que no es bueno recibir los vientos directametne a la cabeza por mucho tiempo, en mi caso. Asi es que he estado un poco mal... aunque estoy muy bien y lleno de energia mentalmente!

YA decidi una cosa. Para trabajar bien, tengo que dormir por 6 horas por lo menos cada dia. Segun lo que he leido, el ciclo de dormirse es 90 minutos. Es decir, es recomendable despertar despues de cada ciclo para que se sienta bien. Por eso, 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5 y 9 horas de dormir son recomendables.Yo dormire por 6 horas desde hoy. Y tu?
Por cuantas horas duermes? Y por que?Ya es tarde, hoy tengo que descansar bien, ya que soy el unico que me puede cuidar!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

I have to make it clear that when I leave El Salvador, cuz it's already set. It'll be on July 4th, Monday, I think I'll get on a plane in the morning. It's gonna fly to Houston, and after staying there I'll go to Tokyo, Japan the next day.It's a little bit sad 'cuz my time here is very limited, I've just got about 2 months to enjoy my life in a Central American country... I came to this country 2 years ago, in April, 2003. Oh, I feel like a long, long time ago!!! I'd like to stay here and work, but I have other things I wanna challenge. Besides, the contract that I have with a Japanese Agency is valid for 2 years. So, I have to go with a lot of good memories, like friendships, loves...

You know, I just have a limited time here now. I think it's necessary to do what I really wanna do, taking adventage of being here. For example, SALSA! I mean, it's a latin dance (isn't it?). Actually I'm supposed to be in the salsa class on Saturdays. But actually I've not kept on being there, but I always try to get there!So I went there yesterday. BUT it was a very class, I mean, the level of "basic steps" was a little bit high for the people who were there. i know that this guy who taught us is a very good adviser and famous. But I was about to hate'im because of the high-level two-hour-class.You know, it's not easy to FEEL SOMTHING in dancin'. I've not felt it yet! If I wanna master it, yes I know, I gotta keep on gettin' there. I'll try!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Estas feliz ahora? Si dices que SI, por que SI?Si dices que NO, por que NO?Sabemos que hay muchas discusiones entre "Riqueza Economica y Riqueza Mental". He pensado muchas veces profundamente, sin embargo creo que es IMPOSIBLE llegar a una conclusion ultima.Yo naci y creci en el pais muy ordenada y rico economicamente. Pero eso no significa que estoy feliz, ya que se que hay muchas personas descontentas alli aunque no tienen muchos problemas economicos.

Porque no estan satidfechas con lo que se han sentido, por ejemplo las relaciones entre personas en las sociedades modernas son debiles y delicadas. Asi que ellas no pueden confiar a otras facilmente debido al caracter del dicho mundo, donde las tecnologias avanzadas eliminan los puntos que ellas tienen contactos social y se hace alguna relacion, como amistades, amores o etc..Ya sabemos que no hay "humanitario" y les hace sentir SOLO debido a falta de los dichos contactos.Por otro lado, las personas que no tienen muchos recursos economicos piensan que los quieren mas porque creen que seran la unica manera de que puedan sentirse mejor. Segun lo que he escuchado, en cuanto los consiguen, pierden algo "humanitario"....SON ALTERNATIVAS? No se puede obtener estos dos al mismo tiempo?Cual es mas importante? Para ti, cual es?
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
The 10-Second Manager

The 10-Second Internet Manager If you have time, take a look at this page and see the video (about 10 min.WMP or RPL) below this web page!!!


I found out this book written by Mark Breier, ex-executive of amazon.com, craft (dairy products campany!) or etc., was good, interesting, amazing and a little bit exagerated (but I swear, I like his way of thinking!!!)He says and recommends that we, Managers, have to do quickly everything as soon as we can at the same time and make our tasks and duties more organized. For example, we should NOT turn off the computer BUT keep it "stand-by mode" in order to start working again just within from 10 to 20 seconds" instead of waiting for more than 1 minute of setting up the comp. Another example is that he recommends managers have to hire interviewed person who shakes his or her legs, it means this person HATES waitng. So he or she will work in a QUICK way, it means he or she can work more things than others.

This amazing author of this book and the following web page has his own creativity and does as he wants. In this book, he says he appeared half-NAKED in "Larry King Live" (CNN) because he came there to talk about "amazon.com's advantages for buying on the net". So this campany was making and putting TV commercials that a naked man went to the entrance of his house after hearing the bell rung. And the postman got surprised with his appearance. I mean, this message is "you don't need to put on clothes to go out to buy books.So he wanted to emphasize its advantages of high technology. And it's said that after his appearance, the stock price of amazon.com had gone up.

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HI, I don't wanna ignore what you wrote down on this page 'cuz you're friends of mine, and that means you're important in my life.So, now I wanna say something about them,
Hola, no quiero ignorar lo que han escrito en esta pagina ya que ustedes son amigos mios, eso significa que son muy importante para mi vida.Asi es que ahora quiero decir algo sobre sus comentarios,

sobre FOTOS
Photos below, I lived there for 1 year in that town. And the other was where i work mainly in my job (it's a pretty hot place!).
sobre COMO Y QUE ES JAPONI really appreciate you and what you said 'cuz I know you and I like your comment. In addition, what you wrote down has a very important meaning for me and my friends. But as for me, don't worry. I don't have any big problem in my job here and I can enjoy it. We can talk it over with a coffee someday, right?
sobre MY FIRST TIMEHe podido satisfacerte bien con lo que he escrito? Si no estas satisfecha, avisame sin pena porfa ya que sera una parte de alegria en tu vida y sera mi placer.
sobre MY HOUSE Realmente la foto de perrita se tomo mi papa o mama. Asi es que no es mi culpa! En cuanto a la otra, es buenisima, no? Otro dia pondre otras fotos de mi casa, familia o etc.

OK, thank you a lot, especially for those who took courages to make those comments. And I hope you guys keep on saying somethin' on this page.
OK, muchas gracias, especialmente para las personas que tuvieron animos de hacer los comentarios, y ojala que ustedes sigan escribiendo algo en esta pagina.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

I went to the project site where I worked to have a kind of presentation that had some videos about Japanese and Peruvian fishing. It's good, I think. Of course, it was NOT perfect. But I believe it's very useful for the artesan fishermen with whom I worked. And they enjoyed a TV commercial of NIKE that some famous soccer players appeared and showed thier magic. Actually it was just a 90 sec-TV comm. and it was played in a break ( the whole presentation was for 2 hours). BUT I have to confess that it was the most exciting and intersting momont for them. Yes I know why and it was what I had imagined (but NOT expected). Yes, we know. Soccer is not just a sport BUT a religion in Latin America and in my heart, too!!!

OK, my father sent me a few photos. And I could confirm that my family's dog (its name is KURAN) was alive yet last night. It's about ... I don't know its age, but i know she started to be in our house about 10 years ago??? Is it possible? I don't know, maybe right... Anyway I'm happy to hear about her (mmm, I saw it in the photo, so I wanna share it with you.).And another photo he sent me is "cherry blossoms'" one that are in the park in fornt of my family's house. You know, in Japan, there're four seasons. And now it's spring that has a good time to see "the beautiful color of cherry blossoms" and now is the only moment to see them in the year. So people like to go to have a chat and drink with their friends, families or cooworkers seeing these beautiful trees (as you know or guess, the latter is sometimes more important than the former. Oh it depends on each one, right?!).When I get there, I'd like to do it .Do you have any favorite flowers or trees?
Esas fotos son:
Cerezas que estan en el parque en frente de mi casa,
KURAN que es un miembro de mi familia

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cuantas veces me han preguntado asi...? Pues, realmente no me molestan al hacer esta pregunta, ya que soy japones y vivo en El Salvador. Pienso que soy como si fuera un representante del pais de "SUN-RISING" y he tenido muchas oportunidades de explicar que y como es. Por supuesto que no es tan simple explicar bien aunque siempre trato de hacerla a la gente entender, por ejemplo, que comen, que hacen, que es la cultura?, cual deporte le gustan o etc. Ya he logrado a capturar la imagen general de mi pais mas que antes a traves de mi TANTAS experiencias de reconocer y hablar de cosas japonesas.Creo que mucha gente sabe que trata de saber y reconocer su pais cuando esta afuera de su pais. En realidad, he pensado muchas cosas de Japon, mis amigos, mi familia y ex-novias... (la ultima es broma!?). Me imagino que siento la presencia de ellos mas fuerte que antes, y voy a sentir la de mis amigos en El Salvador cuando llegue alli. Francamente nunca he sentido "homesick" despues de venir aqui, sin embargo siempre estan en el fondo de mi mente.Ahora aqui estoy, sin gran problema (... a veces tengo problemas como... como que? de trabajo, amistad, romance(!?)...). Pues en total increiblemente no tengo problema serio debido a su presencia de mis amigos que siempre me hacen reir, chambrear (chat), sentirme bien, hablar del futuro con entusiasmo y etc. Tal vez estoy feliz.QUE ES TU FELICIDAD? GRACIAS

Two photos below are what I took in my town and in a beech where I worked with fishermen's cooperatve. Thanks!
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