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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Friday, May 13, 2005


May 12
Social Activities

What's the social activity?

From the end of last year, I've been thinkin' bout it. Now I think it's NOT ABOUT THE MONEY from my point of view, probably, for example, friends' meeting, volunteer activities, charity, parties and etc. But some of them are vey meaningful for our daily lives, I mean, essentially they have a lot of potenciality to make many people HAPPY!
So, what are they?
It's not so easy to think and have something very good quickly as we know. For example, now I'm a member of a NGO (actually I've started workin' in this organization that begins their activities in Japan!) and I've had a lot of opportunities to talk about this kind of things. And I think we, human beings, generally work for money. So we tend to think about ourselves and our lives ( to some degree, yes, of course!).

I SWEAR I'VE NEITHER THOUGHT ABOUT IT NOR FELT IT!!! I feel HAPPY when my friends, family and especially the people who need some help. In this meaning, it was one of my sincere feeling and purpose that got me to come to this country and work with people in the countriside. And now I know that this country has a enough possibility to get progressed and developed with a "a little bit" of help. At the same time, they would need other kind of help, that will be a "change of mentality" or "activities based on the other type of mentality". They'd be a "everyone-happy relationship business" or "private companies activities that assist the social problems".
Through I talked with our colleagues and they told me, yes it's possible to realize them with a little bit of thoughts, ideas and efforts. This is an example, below, that other member of that group told us and it's a typical example we wanna realize.
So, I wanna DO MY BEST to try to do GOOD THINGS I believe and make more people HAPPY! (I think it's my goal ).

12:56 AM

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May 10
Vacuna de Rabia

Hoy fui a la casa donde vivia yo antes, el puerto de La Libertad. Bueno primero fuimos al muelle del puerto donde se venden muchos productos pesqueros, como pescados, camarones, calamares o etc. Y comimos "mariscada" que tenia bastante langostinos, camarones, pescados.... Era muy riquisima!!!
Despues fuimos a la casa y platicamos alli. Comimos los mangos heladitos (Si! Son mas ricos!). Si estuvo muy bien, ya que ellos son muy agradables, me conocen y los conozco. Vivia alli por casi un ano. Asi que habia muchas cosas que querer hablar.
Sin embargo, cuando la companera mia fue al bano donde estaba en el jardin y tambien estaban PERRROS, de repente un perro valiente (o estupido, perdon!) la mordio!!! Ese perro estuvo muy tranquilo porque yo tambien estuve en el jardin, pero el ultimo momento estuvo a punto de salir del jardin, se cambio su estado... Me dio mucha pena porque yo deberia cuidarlo mucho hasta que saliera ella.
Asi que despues fuimos al hospital para que le inyectara a ella la vacuna de rabia!!! Por supuesto que me dio mas pena... Ojala que no haya nada mal de su salud.
Segun lo que me conto ella, siempre los perros NO la quieren. Quiza a ella no le gusta mucho ni a los perros no les gusta. Asi que cuando ella tenia algunos perros En SU casa, tambien le descortezaban a ella aunque era un miembro de la familia del dueno! Tal vez, tienen las ONDAS muy distintas!!!

TEN CUIDADO a los perros!!!
1:17 AM

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May 09

Well, I don't like any kind of examinations like many people. BUT we sometimes have to take them as a obligation. In my case, in a week, I've gotta take it, I mean, Toefl. So today I took the "practice version" that i had. Against my expectation, I got a good score that was considered "enough" for international students to enroll in the Univ. in US. So I felt good, cuz I've been workin' on this test preparation since the end of last year. And now I feel I can understand more than before beacuse , yeah of course, I've studied a lot. I hope I can do my best and get a high score on the test day!!!
Regarding Spanish test, I'm thinking the possibility to take "Dele" in Japan (in November?). I think it's gonna be good for me to get a "visible score" or "measurable certificate" or something that can clarify my language level. The only problem of this test is that it has just three levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced), so i'll take a second one! And I'm sure this kind of certificate will give me more chances to get good jobs!!!
What kind of certificates do you have and why?
12:28 AM

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May 07
trabajo el sabado!

Nosotros, como empleados de organizacion gubernamentales, tendremos que trabajar el sabado, asi que desde el Domingo hasta el Miercoles!!!
Pues, en cuanto a esta NUEVA pagina de BLOG, habra mas espacio, 30 veces mas grande que la anterior! Asi que escribire en esta pagina!
P.S. Quiza ire al IMPOSIBLE, que es el parque nacional y supuestamente tiene mucha naturaleza!
12:53 AM

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day ON!

Actually, I started keeping "a kind of" diary on the web since about a month ago, and I like this because I can share a lot of things I think, feel and have done! So I'm gonna keep it till I'm tired of this!
In the last month, I wrote that kind of things in the following address, so you can take a look at when you've got a time.
Today, I've got a big news (it's very good for me!). Tomorrow, on Saturday, we, the governmantal organization employees, have to work. But the problem is they told us on Thursday in the afternoon (at 4 o'clock!!!)!!! It's too late, isn't it??? they should've notice us earlier, but I know these kinds of things happen here frecuently... And I know I'll have a THREE DAYS OFF from Sunday! So I've gotta work hard tomorrow, maybe...

P.S. I've gotta send a E-card to my mother cuz, you know, I don't do anything for her, so I MUST do something good just once a year!
What are you gonna do on the mother's day?