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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Today I wanna confirm how to read the previous articles and how to make a comment on this page.

To read the previous ones, you just make a CLICK on "May 2005" ( that is following after "about me", "links", "previous posts". Maybe it'll be "Jun 2005" or "July 2005" in the future!) that has a WHOLE articles that were written in MAY 2005!
To make a comment, you'd better make a click on "O comment" that is below each article. And it appears another page where you can write what you want. After writing your opinion, you've gotta choose "other" or "anonymous". And you make a click on "publish your comment". Just that!


Hoy quiero confirmar como leer los articulos anteriores y como hacer comentarios en esta pagina.

Primero, para leer los anteriores, haz click on "May 2005" (que esta abajo de "about me", "links" and "previous posts". Sera "Jun 2005" o "July 2005" en futuro.) donde tiene TODOS los articulos de ese mes.
Para hacer comentarios, haz click on "O comment" que esta el fin de cada articulo. Despues aparece la otra pagina donde tienes que escoger "other" o "anonymous". Despues, haz click en "publish your comment" para terminarse.
Es todo. Muy facil, verdad?