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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

with my coworkers
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formal farewell party in my work place
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I went to dance Salsa, to the bar and restaurant (? i don't know what it is exactly!!!) last Saturday night. It's tight!!! But you know, I don't know if I can dance well or not, at least i know I like dancin' and I enjoyed it a lot. So I think it was good, very good. Of course I felt a little sad and lonely 'cuz I won't be back to that place for awhile, I mean, i'm goin' back to my home, it's pretty far away! Maybe or probably I'm gonna be back here though I don't know when and how... but at the same time I felt that I wanted to learn more salsa, cuz I like it!!! To be honest, it's the only reason I wanna master it, and I made it clear cuz many people think I wanna learn it cuz i wanna get some (or many??) chicks or somethin' like that!!! I swear i don't aim at it, but i simply wanna dance it better and more passionately!!!!

If I got a chance, I wanna learn it in my country or no matter where I am!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Esta manana, fui la ceremonia de entrega de Diploma para mi, celebrando mi trabajo en esta institucion donde trabajo yo. En esa ceremonia, hicieron los discursos mis companeros, otras personas incluido el director. Despues, yo empece a hablar, llore!!!!!!!!!!!
Nunca habia imaginado que iba a llorar asi, bastante (si, no pude seguir haciendo mi discurso por mas de 2 minutos!!!!!). quiza me gusta este pais a pesar de que siempre he pensado mucho por los problemas de trabajo mio, frustracion, y otros.... no sentia ese sentimiento porque he estado ocupado por muchas cosas, trabajo, las cosas privadas y ... todos. Pero ahora lo se.

A traves de este evento, pude sentir la importancia de intercambio de emocion, amistad y relacion profecional (pero simultaneamente es provada). Quiza no puedo vivir contentamente sin sentir "las relaciones humanas (humane relationship)". Quiza no puedo vivir solo como si fuera un conejito...???

Hoy he estado contento.

Y como estare manana?
Depende de ... que?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

it's coming and...

It's about to be finished...

My time to stay here will be finished soon, very soon, I mean, I've got less than three weeks left... but I've not started either to pack my luggage or clear my unnecessary stuff off!!! Yeah, I know I've gotta start it, yes I know... and I know I'm lazy...

At the same time, I got something to do in my work, I mean I;ve got some small project I'm planing to work with an other organization's man. It'll be over when I finish the work I'm gonna do with him! (maybe at the end of this month...)

So, now I gotta start to finish what I wanna do the easier things done, like the reports, the preparation for my final presentation in my workplace and etc...


I've recently heard this song very carefully and I found out that it's too tight!!!
Why don't you try to hear it??

Usher "My boo"

It's a kind of childhood's love song between a man and the woman who has a boyfriend or husband, but he can't help forgetting what they done before (it's a common thing especially for men, right???). But both of them respect each other and they're the best in their lives (it's a sort of "contradicted" part for me, but who knows about LOVE between man and woman...), and saying MY BOO (my baby)......

It's a cool song, so I strongly recommend ya'll!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005


Es una herramienta de comunicacion (programa de Computadora) que se puede hablar como telefono en la situacion de Red de internet con la "suficiente" velocidad (no se cuantas exactamente..., pero si es un servicio de all day conexion, esta bien!). Puede descargar este programa gratuito en la pagina siguiente:


A traves de este programa (y internet, por supuesto), puede hablar contentamente debido a la calidad de sonido, es buenisimo!!! Si no me crees, probalo!!! Te juro que no te vas a arrepentir!!!
Y ademas, es gratis, no hay algun costo adicional. Solo el costo de internet.

Es muy util, verdad???
Yo estoy registrado, asi es que hablamos si queres y cuando tienes tiempo!!!
(mi nombre registrado es "elevenonce".)

Friday, June 10, 2005


I've talked through "SKYPE" for my second time last night. It made me think a lot, apart from the content the conversation I had with one of the NGO where we, including me, are starting the project in Japan.
So far, I didn't explain how this organization was, what it was nor what it did. Maybe it's good time I should tell you something about it.

Its name is "ART FROG", and it's a non-profitable organization. The objectve is "To make people more creative and change Japan" (or something like that! Actually I don't remember how it say exactly..., but the idea is THAT!). In this NPO, there are some artist, like painters, dancers, novelists, designers and others like professors, students anbd volunteers. It's pretty intersting, isn;t it? And now we're begining to plan and prepare the first project that is planned by the community, mainly cityhall and will be held when the new-opened route of train will be inaugurated in August of this year. so we've gotta have more specific and well-design business plan in which all the stakeholders could have the positive influences based on their needs (its name is "WIN-WIN Relationships"). It's not so easy to imagine or creat something effective and excellent (If it were, no one wouldn't have to do it, right?). So we've talked recently to exchange our own opinions and try to get to the agreed point where we ALL think GOOD. So we've gotta keep on it!!!

Though this process, I found out, or recognized the communication's importance in the group. We, this group's members, live in Japan, USA, El Salvador, Englad and Tunisia. We cannot see each other when we talk on the net. Besides, we can just TALK, it means it makes the conversation difficult, cuz we can';t see the others' face, for example, a little bit of face's (lips or cheak's?)movements or other fisical expression that cannot be seen (of course not!). Maybe it's 10 times or more difficult to understand what the other's saying. So we need to concentrate a lot to have the conversation effective.

BUT I didn't imagine this kind of high0-tech world when i was a kid, just dreamin' that I would want to talk "video phone" that nowadays it's possible to talk with someone, seeing her/his face through video-cam. who is far away.

What a incredible world we are in!!!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

isla de las garzas 2
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isla de las garzas 1
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Isla de las garzas

Fui a estero de Jaltepeque, Costa del Sol para mi trabajo, visitando a la comunidad ubicada mas adelante, en Isla Tasajera.

Cuando regresamos, vimos a los aves blancos que estaban en las islitas (? de manglares). Pero no tuve mi camara y me arrepenti mucho ya que eran muy bonitos y la paisaje de aves, manglares y estero era muy linda.

Despues de regresar a mi casa, buscaba alguna pagina que tenia las fotos de lo que habia visto yo. POR CASUALIDAD, la encontre, y ademas esa pagina privada tiene muchas fotos de El Salvador. La dirreccion es lo siguiente.


(This page has a lot of AMAZING Salvadorean landscape photos!!!)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

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Japan national team won the World Cup Qualifier 1-0 at Bahrain!!! Needless to say, I'm so happy though this east asian country's best playmaker S.Ono (Feyenord, Netherland) is injured...

Japan will play against North Korea on Wednesday. Our team will need to win or just equalize with N.K. to make it sure that it'll play in Germany 2006.


Thursday, June 02, 2005



Diplomas de EspaƱol como Lengua Extranjera

Hoy, he visto algunas preguntas de este examen de Espanol. Pero es de Espanol de ESPANA!!! Por eso senti algo extrano y dificil ya que hablo todos los dias Espanol de EL SALVADOR!

Me fije al mismo tiempo que me falta Vocabulario. Se porque siempre tengo este problema. Es que cuando no encuentro algunas palabras apropiadas, CAMBIO a otras parecidas para expresar lo que quiero decir. Como resultados de este proceso, no memorizo las palabras nuevas... aunque las palabras que yo digo estan pronunciadas relativamente correcta... Falta mucho para aprender otros idiomas! (quiza por esa razon, me gusta aprenderlos!?)

Como momorizas las nuevas palabras???

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lookin' for jobs

I've got a serious "supposed" economic problem though it's OK. But I wanna study in grad schools, of course it's necesary to pay a amount of money. So I'm "OK" these days...

A few times ago, I wrote I had written about "resume" to hand in it to some no govermental organizations. And now I found out I'd have to prepare for "cover letter!!!" Wo, I can't have to take a rest...

I'm sooooooooooo sleepy, cuz I slept for just 4 hours!