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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

natural disasters

I feel there are so many disasters, much more than before. Now in Pakistan and India, there are many dead people and casualty because of the last weeks earthquake there. It is saying that the total will be over 40,000! It is very sad and we have to learn so many things fro this in order to prevent from it. For instance, there are a lot of caotic situation, such as New Orleans situation, I mean, there are (WERE?) not good and reliable governance after that Katrina, cuz almost all people there lost their own houses and local policemen have to work though they need to take care of their own business at home...

Like a movie that I saw one year ago, people change when a disaster comes. Calm people start to try to survive and do what they never did before, such as killing others to take food and staff off... It is sad. But if the support was good and adequate, it is possible to avoid that kinf od "caos".

We, human beings, have to consider more.