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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I know that, sooner or later, this will come at last... It is...

prepration for exam!!!

It's gonna be over in a couple of days and I'm gonna have more free time and more free from the pressure that I've had so far. You know, it is so stressful and makes us unrelaxed whatever we do except the study. However, I will be able to stop doing it cuz now I believe I have the score enough to send it to the Universities where I wanna study. So all I gotta do is complete my essay and send them with recommendation letters I have. It was not a piece of cake, cuz in many cases in Japan, those who recommend do not write by themselves, but just sign their signiture after receiving the student's drafts and proofreading them. But it's OK since I can write and praise myself in the recommendation letter that refers to myself!!! Just takes time...

So, in December, I have so many things to wanna do (as usual???). But this time, I'm sure, I'm gonna have plenty of time. I'm chopping at the bit to study what I really wanna do, skill up listening and speaking ability in English and Spanish, go to Salsa lessons (when do I go?), play futsal and take part in some seminars. What a crazy life it will be!!!

And I have exciting news! but I cannot tell you guys now, so maybe I gonna talk about it next time!!!

OK, I'm very excited in having vacations soon!!! I'm gonna enjoy them!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

these days... and party season is coming!!!

Now, I'm a little bit busy cuz I'm gonna take an exam at the end of this month, prepare for my essay and an interview that I 'm gonna have in the 2nd week of the next month.

A teacher told me that I would have to prepare well for it, memorizing beforehand what I'm gonna say in the interview, so I've got a lot to do!!!
But I am fortunately fine, so I can say that I'm enjoying my life so far :-P

In Japan, December is a kind of "party season". People go out to drink with coworkers and friends. I don't wanna drink a lot, but how can I avoid it??? Actually, I already have several chances to drink in Dec.. I do not hope there would be more opportuniity to make me drunk, please!!!

So far, I live off the unemployment assurance cuz i left Japan 3 years ago without receiving it after quitting my job. And the work in El Salvador was organized by Japanese govermental program so that now I can receive it. It is a kind of vacation for me!
But I'm a little bit frustrated since I do not have to work even as a part-time worker. Maybe I go to class of Salsa to reflesh the stress I've had in these months' study!

Monday, November 21, 2005


Recientemente, no he estado super ocupado como antes ya que, primero, tuve la nota suficiente para la aplicacion de universidades. Y segundo, todavia estoy estudiando para tener "buena" nota para el otro examen, aunque no es tan importante, o sea que si la tengo, sera bueno y habra mas oportunidad de poder entrar buenas universidades o tendria el permiso de discuento del costo de clases...

Ahora, tengo una noticia un poco buena, es que tendre una entrevista en Tokio con la persona encargada de la facultad donde quiero estudiar. Es una afortuna, verdad? Estoy poco a poco preparando para poder darle una impresion buena !!! sin embargo, se que tengo que tener cuidado con mis palabras porque digo palabras casuales. Me ha dicho una persona que hablo como un joven, es decir, no hablo como una persona sofisticada, asi es que tratare de hablar asi!

El otro lado, tendre mas tiempo en el proximo mes. Podre leer mas libros de estudio, estar en algunas capacitaciones o foros, tambien, estar con mis padres con quienes no vivo, pero disfrutare de tiempo con ellos el dia del ano nuevo! (si! la navidad esta acercando, no?)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jennifer Aniston!


Last night, I saw her in Larry King Live on CNN ( yes, I love it!) and she was there with a guy who played leading roles with ex-wife of Brad Pitt in a latest movie (I don't know what's it) and had played in Auther King. Needless to say, she is beautiful and ... and you know, everyone wants to know what's happend with so-to-speak Angelina Jolie's boyfriend.

But she did act like "it is OK to say something if you want to know!", I imagine, her ex-husband broke her heart, cuz you know, he is too famous and cool, so that's why now he is with the most sexy woman in the world. What I wanna say is that she is very professional and tried to concentrate just her career, it seems. So I fell in l... no way! No kidding! I'm just impressed and I like her personality, pretty comfortable, I felt.

I watch that program as a listening training ;-P

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

exposicion de ciudades integradas

Como dije ayer, fui a esta exposicion. Como sabemos, es un dia de semana, las personas que estan libres son solamente DAMAS en Japon. Asi que cuando llegue, vi una linea tan larga, esperando algun regalo que se habria ofrecido. YO, no espere ahi. Claro que NO! Soy una persona quien no quiere esperar tanto.

Despues de pasar cada seccion, descubri algo muy interesante:

primero, pedacitos de MELON en salmuera con SALSA DE SOYA!!!!
NO compre (vale $5, quien quiere probar despues de pagar tanto dinero!!).

Despues, encontre una persona ( bueno, digamos una bella :-D) con la ropa my tradicional (no se como se llama esa ropa! No me digas que no soy japones!).

buen dia!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things to do...

I am so fed up with everything!!! Now, I gotta do so many stuff at the same time, such as comlete my personal essay, resume, recommendation letter and bank statement about my ability to pay enough to live and stay in US. I will have to go to my ex boss`s office (his workplace is pretty close from my house!!) to ask him to give his signiture on recommendation letter... Wow, no time to waste!!! Of course, all of these stuff will be submitted in Nov. and Dic. But, you know, I have other things to do, like activities in a ngo where we have a general meeting in this month and I gotta prepare for it.

Troubles and Problems are always coming. I saw a banner in a train a few hours ago and it said that they holds an event that is very interesting to me, cuz it is about promotion of merged cities and they are trying to make people memorize the characteristics of their new cities or communities.

Well I will know more details tomorrow cuz I gonna be there!