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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jennifer Aniston!


Last night, I saw her in Larry King Live on CNN ( yes, I love it!) and she was there with a guy who played leading roles with ex-wife of Brad Pitt in a latest movie (I don't know what's it) and had played in Auther King. Needless to say, she is beautiful and ... and you know, everyone wants to know what's happend with so-to-speak Angelina Jolie's boyfriend.

But she did act like "it is OK to say something if you want to know!", I imagine, her ex-husband broke her heart, cuz you know, he is too famous and cool, so that's why now he is with the most sexy woman in the world. What I wanna say is that she is very professional and tried to concentrate just her career, it seems. So I fell in l... no way! No kidding! I'm just impressed and I like her personality, pretty comfortable, I felt.

I watch that program as a listening training ;-P