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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

these days... and party season is coming!!!

Now, I'm a little bit busy cuz I'm gonna take an exam at the end of this month, prepare for my essay and an interview that I 'm gonna have in the 2nd week of the next month.

A teacher told me that I would have to prepare well for it, memorizing beforehand what I'm gonna say in the interview, so I've got a lot to do!!!
But I am fortunately fine, so I can say that I'm enjoying my life so far :-P

In Japan, December is a kind of "party season". People go out to drink with coworkers and friends. I don't wanna drink a lot, but how can I avoid it??? Actually, I already have several chances to drink in Dec.. I do not hope there would be more opportuniity to make me drunk, please!!!

So far, I live off the unemployment assurance cuz i left Japan 3 years ago without receiving it after quitting my job. And the work in El Salvador was organized by Japanese govermental program so that now I can receive it. It is a kind of vacation for me!
But I'm a little bit frustrated since I do not have to work even as a part-time worker. Maybe I go to class of Salsa to reflesh the stress I've had in these months' study!