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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Jan. 29th, 2006

Today was the first day of training course of Project Cycle Management. Actually, I leaned it a couple of times before. But they were simple version or just summary, it means, I haven’t learned in a formal way. That’s why I decided to come to take this participatory training that has 4-day-contents on 2 weekends from today. I am looking forward to knowing interesting people and having more knowledge and FUN!!!
By the way, I am thinking my personal life cuz I am not so young that I had better decide how and with who I’m gonna spend time, but I know I must not decide it in a hurry or I will make a mistake on choosing the best or the one. To be honest, I have some options and potentials, however, I can’t choose one for a lot of reason. I have a xxxxx who appears in my dream everyday and night. I believe I’ve never forgot her since when I’ve not seen her. Actually it was not so long time ago, but I remember and can feel as if I had seen’er a few days ago.
But it is not true. I know I gotta face this reality in that it is not a piece of cake for us to c each other despite I long to c’er. This fact makes me feel like rain, raining in my heart. I believe that the time we spent together was in the period when she had not been with her “ex”, I don’t know what’s going on right now. As she says, she doesn’t have someone to go out right now, but I think, she’ll back to get with him when he’s back, I believe cuz they’d been together for a long ,long time.

Oh, I don’t wanna continue writing this sound-stupid diary!!! I hope I could write something interesting and exciting ‘bout chic..!!

Jan. 16th

Now, I am job-hunting at the same with waiting for the outcome of my application for grad schools. At first, I am applying for Japanese biggest assistance agency where I worked as a volunteer before. And I am applying for another volunteer program with which I will be able to have a chance to work in the FRONTLINE of rural development. In addition, there is an excellent volunteer program, also. It’s gonna be one of my options just in case. Or I will work in a NGO, maybe.

By the way, I went to a shrine to pick up a written oracle that is a very popular Japanese custom at the beginning of the year. It was “Second best Luck”, and I believe that it is the most of them cuz it is comfortable for most of the people to take it. Maybe you do not pick up the BEST many times since there are not so many BEST and it is impossible for us to choose one cuz they are in the box.
Anyway, I took the second and it says that “My romance and love will be accomplished even if I have lonely lives right now” in a word. So, let’s see!!!

El 18 de Enero

He tenido unas entrevistas para tener trabajos temporales, pero no han decidido sí o no. Lo que puedo hacer ahora es esperar hasta que me digan… como los resultados de aplicaciones… ni modo!

Tengo una noticia interesante (para mi, SI!). Es que quizá empezaré a trabajar con una persona quien ha planeado un negocio de vender los productos y ofrecer las consultas profesionales. Tuvimos una conversación en esta mañana y fue super chivo ya que nuestras ideas son parecidas y podemos entender lo que cada uno de nosotros quiere hacer. Publicaré mas detalles pronto (o no puedo decir nada concreta todavía porque no se ha decido nada detallada!!!)

Jan. 8th, 2006

Studying French, Job-hunting and Part Time Job

As for my applications, they’ve been almost done and from now on, all I have to do is to wait until February and March. So, I’ve got free time now. But I do not have time to waste doing boring things like hanging out with chicks (do you wanna believe what I say? :-P ).
Therefore I am looking for good French language school here. But in Tokyo, everything is expensive. Now I think I’ll visit some schools and I’ll take part in class as an observer.
After that, I can take a mini lesson of a French guy in my school!!! Maybe this is gonna be the way to learn it.

At the same time, I gotta look for JOB just in case, cuz there are a LITTLE possibility that I would not be accepted by any grad schools where I’m applying for. It is a sort of risk management.
In addition, I gotta find my part-time job. I live off employment insurance so far, but it’ll be over at the beginning of Feb.. So, I need one for a few months if I’m accepted.

By the way, do you know it has snowed a lot in Japan recently? It’s been snowing incredibly a lot, and I’ve heard that it is for the first time in 20 or more years. I wonder why I am now here!!!

El 12 de Enero

Recientemente he oído y visto sobre la película mejicana, co-dirigida el actor salvadoreño quien se llama Oscar Torres. Esta película es muy famosa en El Salvador. Se llama “Voces Inocentes” (“Innocent Voice” en Inglés). Como sabemos, es sobre que pasó en la época de guerra civil en este país. Podemos decir que es un poco violenta ya que es sobre la historia incluida la guerra, sin embargo puedo recomendársela a todas y todos. Parece que está siendo famosa ahora porque está basándose de su historia personal de la protagonista. No estoy seguro si se puede verla acá o no ya. Quizá es el asunto de tiempo, me imagino. Es chivo, no?

Finalmente, me parece que este año será muy bien para mí. No sé porque, quizá con mi sexto sentido. Te publicaré la razón luego!!!

Jan 3rd, 2006

In these days, I have been thinking “What if I were not accepted by any graduate school in a couple of months”. You might think that I am a little bit pessimistic, but it is the reality I have to face. So, I decided to take those possibilities and job options into account. Well, there aren’t a lot of vacancies, but I found a few options I wanna take just in case.
I believe that it is important to get more experience when you are young cuz they can learn anything quicker than the elderly. Technically, the more experience I’ve got, the wider perspective I can get, I believe. So I am thinking a possibility that I would be back to the field in a developing country even as a volunteer ( I am not saying that I do not like money! It is because it’s gonna be easier for me to go there). Maybe in Africa, I guess.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Feliz año nuevo!!!

Primero, agradezco a todas las personas que están cerca de mí ya que me han apoyado tanto. Sin ellos, no soy como estoy. Así es que tengo que tener esta realidad en consideración.

Lastimosamente, mis padres no están en la casa porque tienen su nueva casa en la otra provincia. Así es que están allá ahora. Qué lástima! Pero dicen que regresarán el 3 de Enero.

Bueno, hoy fui al templo con mis cheros y oremos allí porque es el costumbre japonés después de donar una cantidad de dinero. (La cantidad depende de cada uno. Creo que la mayoría de Japoneses donan 5 yenes (como 5 centavos de EEUU) debido a que se cree que esta relacionado con “Relación con algunas personas”, o sea que es la superstición. 5 centavos y “Relación” tienen misma pronunciación. Así que lo doné y oré allí.

Mañana, veré a mi ex subordinada. Sabré cómo está ella después de más de 3 años de no verla.