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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

today is not my day!!!

It was NOT my day AT ALL, I don't know why and I know it often happens to us, as for today, to me!!!

AT FIRST, I had a little bit of headache in the morning and thought that it was not good.BUT it was the start of the worst day in my past few months!!!
I DID make tons of mistakes when answering on phone calls and, yes, I was irritated of course!!!And I finally refused to respond the phone calls cuz it really annoyed me and made me sick!!!I didn't have a specific lunchbreak today since I was pretty busy and chomping at the bit tofinish what I had to do at work (of course, I didn't finish it and i am so mad!!!).

Furthermore, I couldn't stop my friends' harsh discussion about "which one is blamed for?" or stuff like that!!! it was harsh and made me realize that Japanese people face a lot of occasion thatthey gotta know how to deal with foreigners who do not have Japanese common sense! She was mad at the other cuz he did what she didn't want'im to do! BUT he did it without any intention, I mean, unintentionally or let's say. it was a accident. However, she was pissed off and blamed for him.Of course, he says that He did NOT realize it and he did it as he always does and it is not a bad thing,just introducing someone to someone. She felt over-involved and really bad! From my point of view,he didn't do anything bad for her, and I know why she feels like that.
He keeps sayimng he is correct or he hasn't anything bad. She doesn't express everything she feels, excepther tears. I didn't get it.
How come she does not say anything how she frankly feels and calls for his apologies??? You say something, and you feel good and there will be more chances to be good, to do good andto feel good!!!

Oh, I forgot to update a beautiful photo of Japanese traditional shrine!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006


I went to an Ugandan restaurant, or we should call the place just "shop" as the Ugandan says. It was very interesting to go there to see how the Ugandan dish was prepared cuz I needed to know the exact way of cooking for the coming Ugandan cooking event that will be held in a few weeks.

When I was in the "shop", I felt something strange. It reminded me of the days in El Salvador because the Ugandan woman often looked out of the window in the kitchen in order to see and know what was going on outside as her habit. I guess it is typical and not special, but what I wanna say is I had never seen this
kind of habit since I came back to Japan. So, it was a bit nostargic for me!

OK, this is a photo of Tilapia, peanuts-flavored green vegies and Ugali (made by corn). Seems delicious, right? yes, it was tasty!


The graduate school of this university confirmed my application to the course of Nonprofit Management, Master of Public Administration!!!I wanna say "Thanks" for everyone who supported me!!!

And I feel I'm getting excited! Now, it's time to prepare economically, too.I'm looking for full-time or part-time job for a while though I will not get it easily.
You know, my life is getting more and more exciting and thank you a lot!!!

If I have a full-time job now, i will be able to learn so many thing at work.If I don't have it, I will go to Indiana and IU to see how it is and talk toprofessors and students over there. Anyway, there will be a lot of things I canhave for the first time.

Please give me some advice if you have been to grad school or studying there!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Mucho tiempo de no escribir en esta pagina!!! PERO, como siempre estoy buenisimo!

Y ahora, tengo una noticia muy interesante y emocionante (por lo menos, para mi, SI!)
Es que Una Universidad confirmo mi aplicacion para el curso de Maestria desde este otono!!!
O sea que voy a ir a EEUU para estudiar en la escuela graduada como he planeado desde hace mucho timepo! Asi es que tengo que agradecer a todos que me han apoyado, especialmente mi familia aunque ninguna persona en mi familia no habla espanol! Claro que muchas gracias a mis amigos ya que siempre me motivan y dan muchos consejos. Sin ustedes, no habria ocurrido asi, pienso yo.

Bueno, todavia no he decidido a cual universidad donde estudiare porque no me han avisado los resultados de mi aplicacion, asi es que decidire donde ire hasta muy pronto. Al menos la unica universidad que me dio "Si" es la Indiana Universidad en Indiana, EEUU. La unica preocupacion es hace tanto frio alla!

Bueno, avisare mas tarde mas detalle!!