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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today was NOT my day!!!

It was NOT my day AT ALL, I don't know why and I know it often happens to us, as for today, to me!!! AT FIRST, I had a little bit of headache in the morning and thought that it was not good.BUT it was the start of the worst day in my past few months!!!

I DID make tons of mistakes when answering on phone calls and, yes, I was irritated of course!!!And I finally refused to respond the phone calls cuz it really annoyed me and made me sick!!! I didn't have a specific lunchbreak today since I was pretty busy and chomping at the bit tofinish what I had to do at work (of course, I didn't finish it and i am so mad!!!).

Furthermore, I couldn't stop my friends' harsh discussion about "which one is blamed for?" or stuff like that!!! it was harsh and made me realize that Japanese people face a lot of occasion thatthey gotta know how to deal with foreigners who do not have Japanese common sense! She was mad at the other cuz he did what she didn't want'im to do! BUT he did it without any intention, I mean, unintentionally or let's say. it was a accident. However, she was pissed off and blamed for him.Of course, he says that He did NOT realize it and he did it as he always does and it is not a bad thing,just introducing someone to someone. She felt over-involved and really bad! From my point of view,he didn't do anything bad for her, and I know why she feels like that.

He keeps sayimng he is correct or he hasn't anything bad. She doesn't express everything she feels, excepther tears. I didn't get it. How come she does not say anything how she frankly feels and calls for his apologies??? You say something, and you feel good and there will be more chances to be good, to do good andto feel good!!!

Tiempo limitado

Pues, ya esta acercando el tiempo para ir a la universidad. Recientemente, me han dicho que debere empezar a estudiar "Estadistica"antes de empezar el ciclo oficial de estudio. Es decir que seria muy util estudiarlo si no tiene mucha confidencia en estadistica ya que es indispensable entender y utilizar en el estudio.

Asi es que ire alli un poco antes, digamos, en Junio o Julio. Tambien, nececito practicar el ingles, y ojala que pueda conquistarlo lo mas pronto posible...

Sunday, March 12, 2006


En esta foto, hay dos ninos. Son mis hijos.

Pues, no, no es cierto, como sabes!!! Son mi hermano y yo, pero se tomo hace mas de 20 anos.Asi es que son parecidos. Vuelvo a decir que NO SON mis hijos!!!

Lo que pasa es que me mando mi mama a traves de su celular sin razon concreta, solo diciendo que "me hace sentir nostalgia, asi que te la mando".La comparti con mi hermano.
El recientemente me ha dicho que tenemos que respetar a mis papas. Sabemos que tenemos que hacer algo que puede hacerles mas felices. En realidad, pues, estamos aca, en Tokio donde tenemos monton de cosas que hacer sin intencion.Ahora juro que hare algo especial para mis papas antes de irme a EEUU este verano.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Last weekend, we held the 2nd Ugandan cooking event. To be honest, I was in charge of this event because I work as an intern, apart from my boss who is in charge of the projects of our organization in Uganda.

Well, I had found out that it was very difficult for us to get more participants come tothe event cuz we are not allowed to put publicity officially in terms of the sanitary reason.(Well, it means we can hold it, but we should not invite "not-specified people").Fortunately, the number of participants was 16 or 17. That made me satisfied to some degree.

As for the content, we planed a little bit more than the last time, and we did it a littlebit better. Now I'm sure we can do it better if we keep going like this.
The most interesting thing and what made me happy was that our group members were discussingthe way we should have done as a preparation and our performance, just after the event.Of course, we were exhaused, but they did. I think we can make it!

What I learned from this event was the importance of how strong you are mentally andhow and what you do as a result.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

agradecimiento, realidad y problema...

Fui al cine con mi amig@ para ver la pelicula que se llama "Hotel Rwanda", y me senti muchas cosas,como el significado de la paz, la importancia de estar vivo y seno. Claro que casi nos olvida estas cosas en la vida cotidiana porque tenemos monton de cosas que debemos confrontar cada segundo. Especialmente, yo tengo que agradecer muchisimo a todos que me apoyan. Si no hubeiran estado ellos,no estoy asi.

Bueno, para mientras, es decir, anted de entrar a la escuela graduada tengo que conseguir trabajo temporal aca, en Japon, ya que no podre trabajar con la visa de estudiante en EEUU donde estare desde, al menos, Agosto de este ano. Lastimosamente, tengo que aceptar la realidad japonesa que las personas con la experiencia de trabajar en los paises via de desarrollo no se quieren mucho para las companias niponesas. Ellos no quieren a las personas muy distintas de otros. Pues, creo personalmente que es muy importante para la culaquier sociedad tener los otros puntos de vistas de personas con sus experiencia ya que la fortalecen mucho. Sin embargo, es cierto que no es asi en mi querido pais... (estoy asi hasta ahora, asi es que no puedo pararme y seguire caminar en mi camino a lo largo de lo que creo!!!)