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DIARY IN ENGLISH & DIARIO EN ESPANOL / The themes of this page are "Life in a Grad school", "Supporting activity to fishermen in El Salvador"(Until Jun. 2005) , "Sports, esp, soccer", "His activities in NGOs", "What he thinks honestly" in the way of diary in which a Japanese guy describes his daily life.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Melting pot

I am enjoying making friends here now cuz this week is 1st one for the new students, including me and we gotta know each other well as we gonna study together here for 2 years!!!

Well, I am surprised that everyone is very nice and kind!!! Oh, not everyone, but MOST of them, I 'd say. But everything is cool, so far.
About the academic courses, two Japanese students gave the explanations to us, Japanese new students. (there are 3 other students from my country!!!) Though we don't have to make a final decision on which "concentration course" we gonna take from spring semester, we got a lot of information about the professors and courses. In addition, some of second-year students also gave me their personal opinions and experiences. I am getting clear about which one I gonna take next.

Anyway, there are many students from other countries and domestic ones who have worked in other countries like Peace Corps Volunteers, so that everyone is easy to talk with. I enjoy it!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

El mundo no es tan grande...

Despues de venir aqui, descubri una cosa. Es que donde me vaya, puedo encontrarle a alquien quein la o lo conozco.

Por ejemplo, aqui, tengo una companera norteamericana quien vivio y trabajo en el pais centroamericano donde estuve yo tambien. La otra estuvo en el pais cercano, Guatemala. Tambien, me conto un companero paisano quien es de la MISMA CIUDAD donde creci, ademas, su esposa tambien!!! La casa donde ella crecio esta muy cerca de la casa de mis papas!!!
INCREIBLE!!! Ademas, ella trabajo en la agencia muy famosa que tiene el servicio (o sistema) que manda los voluntarios japoneses a otros paises como mi caso... Mamma mia!!!

En la semana pasada, estuve en el curso intensivo de matematica. Descubri que muchos estadounidenses no saben mucho de matematica aunque me contaban otros, o sea que son mas que yo pensaba!!! Asi es que ese curso fue bien, especialmente como un calentamiento antes de comenzar las clases en la universidad.

En esta semana, habra muchas fiestas para noevos estudiantes como YO! Asi es que voy a conocer a muchas amigas y amigos!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I arrived Bloomington where My University is and one week has past...

In the first 2 weeks, we have just orientations, course registration, English Exam, and etc.
Well, I live in a temporary housing and moving to the residence hall this Friday.
So, I gotta buy and arrange my stuff this weekend!
(there are many things I gotta buy cuz i did not bring many from my house!)

Here, there are so many asian students, especially, from India, China and Korea.
(as for japanese, there are less than those, but I have a couple of Japanese mates in the same department! and One of them is from the SAME city, hometown!!!)

I've had a lot of events and gotta enjoy them for a while!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Aug 3rd

Well, my life in Indianapolis is not too bad. Not big problem, not complaint, so far...School is, well, good. Food is all right. The friends I made here are so cool.American I know are not so many, but they are very nice and kind to me.

So, I must say I'm Happy!!!

however, I heard a very sad and unexpected news from my Mom. her dad (my grandpa) past away.He was a very cool man and selfish!!! But he gave me a lot of fun and love, especially whenwe lived close (like 20-minute-distance). At the time, I was a kid and always looking forwardto going to his house where my grandma and grandpa were waiting for us.

He drived a car even after becoming 60 years old. Till around the age, he had been playingtennis, traveling a lot and, you know, I have a very wonderful memory. Maybe, he gave me morestrong impression on me more than my dad in a way (well, he's alive and that's why I think like this?)

Anyway, I am sure he's still in my heart and supports me, being somewhere I do not see...

Thanks from deep of my heart.



Hoy, tuve la capacitacion especial en la escuela donde estudio.Pero se ocurrio de repente!

Fui a la oficina de escuela, y empece a hablar con la encarga de pago.Fije que no es americana y le pregunte donde es.Ella es de Colombia!!! La colombiana vino a EEUU hace unos anos y vive con su familia y sus hijos. Asi que le pregunte como esta la situacion en su pais y que piensa sobrelos problemas, especialmente de refugios internos. me conto las detallesy las razones porque asi esta pasando muy claramente. Ya tengo mas clara vision y entendimiento sobre este asunto desde el punto de vista colombiana.

Mientas estoy aca, seguire platicando con ella (por supuesto q en Espanol!)!


Finally, I arrived in Indianapolis safely and getting used to living here.

Well, about the period of staying in this city, I'm gonna live here for a month andsoon move to Bloomington, Indiana where Indiana Univ. is located. My study in the gradschool is begining next month, so I prepare the English-spoken circumstance for my lifethere for a while.

As for the school where I study, it is in IUPUI (Indiana Univ. Perdue Univ. Indianapolis)which has a huge campas. Though it is near the downtown, the public transportation is notorganized well here and there are a lot of inconvenience, such as just 2 buses an hour...

Well, there are a lot of foreign students here. But most of them are Southe Koreans. I didnot know before coming here. Actually more than the half is Korean. Furthermore, there are Taiwanese, Japanese, Saudi Arabians and Latinos.

Anyway, so far so good!